Peer Academic Advising (PAA) Program


The Peer Academic Advising Program provides valuable services for all UCI undergraduate students. It is the source of student-to-student academic counseling based not only on academic, but also personal experiences of UCI students. In addition, we work closely with other offices on campus that provide services for students and participate in many programs for prospective applicants to UCI.

Peer academic advisors are juniors and seniors who rigorously train in academic counseling before beginning work as peer academic advisors. You will find us in the offices of various academic units all over campus. Our training prepares us to manage issues related to academic counseling and enables us to obtain a wide knowledge of campus resources available to students, such as the Career Center, Office of Disability Services, Financial Aid, Housing, and the Learning and the Academic Resource Center (LARC). The information we provide students comes from our personal experience as successful UCI undergraduates and from our intensive training.

During the academic year, we maintain regular office hours in our respective academic units. We assist students in selecting courses to best fit their college and career paths, planning quarterly programs of study, learning about the various majors and minors, obtaining information about UCI’s resources and opportunities, and adjusting to life as UCI undergraduates.