About the PAAs

Peer Academic Advisors are juniors and seniors from every academic unit and division on campus. Before beginning work in our respective advising offices, we undergo a rigorous quarter long training followed by continued bi-monthly training throughout the academic year, which covers issues related to: UCI policies and procedures, academic counseling, campus resources, and more. PAAs come from a wide range of ethnic, religious, scholastic, and extracurricular backgrounds. When you come in for an advising session, you can rest assured knowing that you are in the hands of UCI’s most knowledgeable and involved students. Never be afraid to ask us for information–  you will be surprised at how much we know!

In addition to our advising roles, PAA’s also participate in the following:

Academic Advising Council: Peer Academic Advisors come together twice a month in order to stay updated on all campus policies and current events, which allows us to sufficiently serve the student body.

Summer Orientation Programs: Peer Academic Advisors aid incoming freshmen and transfer students in choosing classes for their first quarter at UCI, and prepare for their success in transitioning to the university.

Student Outreach: Peer Academic Advisors provide a “First Resort” Welcome Week booth for academic advice and information.

Student Panels: We often serve on panels addressing diverse segments of the student community.

Celebrate UCI: We staff an information booth geared toward prospective students and their families at the annual Wayzgoose fair.

Advising Series: From Weeks 6 through 10, look for Peer Academic Advisors in on-campus programs to help assist students in scheduling classes for the upcoming quarter. Visit your academic affairs office for Peer Advisor walk-in hours.

Middle Earth and Mesa Court: From Weeks 6 through 8 on specific days, Peer Academic Advisors from every unit will visit to answer your most pressing registration concerns.