Yuzhao (Arthur) Liu

Peer Academic Advisor
Computer Science and Engineering
Qingdao, China

  1. Calit2 Researcher (2018-Present)
  2. ICS 31/32 Lab Tutor (2018-2019)
  3. UC Irvine Archery Club Vice President (2018-2019)

Personal Biography

Why do you love UCI?
UCI has an excellent multi-cultural environment. Students coming from different regions and religions form our Anteaters family. Here we are able to meet both friends who are from the same city as we are and friends who are from the other side of the earth. The various campus organizations also provide us the opportunities to explore things outside the school. There is so much fun when you get involved in clubs and organizations. Besides, if you feel tired, stretch yourself out in our lovely Aldrich Park, you will fall in love with it.

How can you be a successful Anteater?
Besides schoolwork, social networking is essential as well. There are so many opportunities outside the class that you can explore and find out what your interests are. Talking to alumnus and people who entered the industry would help you a lot. Always be positive and look forward. There will always be a way out if you fight for it!

What is one fun fact about yourself?
I am a skiing fanatic, and I would go skiing EVERY DAY if I got the chance!