Meet the PAA’s

Amy Hu

Peer Academic Advisor Coordinator

Majors:Business Administration, Business Economics
Hometwon:Irvine, CA


Peer Academic Advisor, Paul Merage School of Business (2016-2017)
Founder & President, Real Estate Association at UCI (REA) (2015-present)
Founder & President, Women in Leadership (WIL) (2015-present)
VP of Academic Affairs, Merage Undergraduate Student Association (MUSA) (2017-present)
Commissioner, ASUCI Student Programming Funding Board (SPFB) (2015-present)
Treasurer & Ambassador, Anteater Ambassadors Network (2016-present)

Why do you love UCI?
UCI is so awesome in so many ways! One of the many reasons that I love UCI is that the students and faculty here are so kind and generous. It is so inspirational to be among such successful, compassionate, and passionate peers and faculty. There are also so many opportunities at UCI that are open to everybody, and we have an amazing support system of peers and school administrators who always go above and beyond to help us pursue these opportunities and achieve our dreams/potentials! I feel so lucky to be a student at UCI and a part of the UCI family/community.